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Choose a Provider

If you are an individual with a disability that is interested in receiving services from a provider through the Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities, you have the freedom to choose your own provider. The process to help insure that you are given choices in who works with you is called Free Choice of Provider Process. Your support team and SSA can also help you determine if there are areas of your life that could benefit from some extra support to help you meet your goals. The services you may want to receive could include home supports, Adult Day Service Supports and employment supports. There are three ways to find a provider:

  • Link to the Ohio Department of DD provider database by going to and clicking on Provider Search Website
  • Review the provider listing at the Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Contact your SSA at the Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities to post a profile of what you are looking for in a provider.

Your SSA can help you with provider selection at any time.


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Due Process

The Board provides due process protections to individuals, families, guardians or complainants in the resolution of complaints involving programs, services, policies or administrative practices of the Board or any entities acting under contract with the Board. Areas subject to administrative resolution may include, but not be limited to, eligibility determination, arranging appropriate services for eligible individuals, or denial, reduction or termination of services to individuals provided by the Board.

Employees of the Knox County Board of DD make decisions based on what they consider to be in the best interest of individuals and families receiving services. Staff also implements policies and procedures based on legal requirements and regulations. Conflicts and disagreements may arise due to differences in preference and due to availability of services. Anyone who is not satisfied with an outcome of Board services is encouraged to bring the complaint through due process channels to have the complaint considered. Individuals, families or advocates can request a person to help them when using any of the complaint procedures. Your SSA can help you with a Due Process request.

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Family Resources

Family Resources (FR), formerly known as Family Support Services or FSS, aids families in meeting the unique needs of an individual with a disability. Families are reimbursed for certain approved expenses necessary to take care of the family member in their home. FR reimburses the costs of temporary care (respite), home modifications, special equipment, special diet, and training or counseling for families. FR is flexible to support families in meeting their unique needs. The amount of the expense that is reimbursed is based on certain limits and the availability of funds. Families must enroll yearly. An individual does not need to be enrolled with the County Board of Developmental Disabilities to receive FR but they do need to be eligible for services by meeting all eligibility requirements. To learn more click HERE.

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Home Supports

The Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities (KCBDD) helps individuals to be successful in the residential setting that best suits them. No matter if an individual wishes to live in a home, an apartment, alone, with family or sharing expenses with roommates, KCBDD works with each individual and family to arrange services and supports that will help the individual be successful. KCBDD has a network of individual and agency residential providers that help individuals live successfully in the community. Services may include hiring a provider who can help them gain living skills, transportation assistance, or purchasing adaptive equipment for the home. There are a variety of funds available to help an individual access residential service, or to plan a budget for the things they need. Through KCBDD services, individuals have increased independence, integration into the community and safety in their own home.

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Individual Rights

The Rights of Persons with developmental disabilities are assured under the Ohio Administrative Code. The following "simplified language" version of Section 5123.62 is an attempt to clarify legal language which is often not easily understood.
For more information regarding your rights you can contact your SSA or:

Ohio Legal Rights: 1-800-282-9181 or
Ohio Department of DD: 1-800-231-5872

Your Rights:

  • I have the right to be treated nicely at all times and as an individual.
  • I have the right to a safe clean home. If it is a licensed home, it will be checked every year by the state and local fire department.
  • I have the right to be alone with family and friends.
  • I have the right to get meals that are healthful and good for me.
  • I have the right to go to the church of my choice or not to go to church at all.
  • I have the right to go to a doctor or dentist when I need to as soon as I need to.
  • I have the right to get people to help me with the way I talk, walk or do things with my hands.
  • I have the right to get people to help me with the way I act or the way I feel.
  • I have the right to accept assistance and training without it being forced upon me.
  • I have the right to have some time to myself and a place to go to be by myself.
  • I have the right to use the telephone, write letters or talk with anyone I want about any subject I want to discuss in a responsible way.
  • I have the right to keep things of my own that I choose to have.
  • I have the right to socialize and be friends with both men and women.
  • I have the right to join activities or do things that will help me grow to be the best person I can be.
  • I have the right to have a job and make money.
  • I have the right to be treated like everyone else under the law.
  • No one should hit me, hurt me, yell at me or say terrible things to me.
  • I have the right to go to a school or work setting and meet and work with other people. I have the right to programs that help me and to go out on activities.
  • I have the right to decide the things that will affect me.
  • I have the right to ask someone, like my parents, an advocate or a friend to speak with me and/or for me and help me do things.
  • I have the right to manage and spend my own money based on my ability to do so.
  • I have the right to have the information in my file kept private.
  • I have the right to complain if I don’t agree with something. I also have the right to talk about my complaints without being threatened by others to change my mind or get me in trouble.
  • I cannot be given medications to control my behavior or be tied up, held down or locked up unless it is needed to keep me from hurting myself or others or unless I have agreed and there is a written plan.
  • I have the right to learn about how laws are made, join in community decisions, vote for people who make the laws and be able to tell them how I feel about the laws.
  • I have the right to say "no" to being a part of any study or experiment.
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    Service & Support Admin.

    The Service & Support Administration is responsible for coordinating services and the development of community options. A Service & Support Administrator (SSA) works directly with eligible individuals to assist in the planning, implementation and monitoring of services. The department manages home supports that include Medicaid Waivers and Supported Living and serves as the connection to Knox County providers in the community. The Director of Community Services oversees the SSA Associate Director, 13 Service and Support Administrators and 2 Secretaries who work directly with individuals enrolled in Board services. For more information contact the Director of Community Services at 740-397-4621.

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    The County Board is a gateway to many other services including Waiver Services. Waiver Services are a funding
    source to assist individuals in maintaining a quality of life
    when they may otherwise lack the resources. We can help
    you determine if you are eligible for these services and we
    can help you apply. There are waiting lists for these services,
    so individuals and families are encouraged to plan for their future needs.

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