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Child Team

The Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities has a Child Team of Service and Support Administrators (SSAs) that specialize in the unique needs of children with developmental disabilities and their families.

Child Team Services

  • Assistance with accessing community resources
  • Assistance in obtaining in-home supports/respite
  • Assistance with life planning (including estate and guardianship)
  • Assistance in the IEP (Individual Education Plan) process at the request of the family to assist with parent /child issues
  • Assistance with identifying and coordinating summer programs for individuals
  • Assistance with home modification- availability based on income
  • Assistance with obtaining Federal and State benefits
  • Assistance with transition from pre-school to school age and from high school to adult
  • Assistance with accessing the professionals (physicians, dentists, etc.) to locate service providers
  • Assistance in coordinating with other service agencies to meet the needs of families and individuals with disabilities
  • Assistance with emergency request for services
  • Assistance with accessing community transportation
  • Assistance with waiting list placement for residential services
  • Assistance with 24 hour crisis management

Service and Support Administration

All individuals (age 3 and above) enrolled with the Knox County Board DD will have access to a Service and Support Administrator (SSA). The SSA will assist individuals with planning for future goals/needs, making informed choices and leading a self-determined life. The SSA will assist individuals and families in understanding and using community resources, understanding and advocating for their rights and making decisions regarding their lives.

Waiver Services

The County Board is a gateway to many other services including Waiver Services. Waiver Services are a funding source to assist individuals in maintaining a quality of life when they may otherwise lack the resources. We can help you determine if you are eligible for these services and we can help you apply. There are waiting lists for these services, so individuals and families are encouraged to plan for their future needs.

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Eligibility for Services

Ages 3-5:  Have at least 2 developmental delays or an established risk

Ages 6 and older:  Have a substantial limitation in at least 3 of the following areas:  self-care, language, learning, mobility, self-direction, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency (age 16 + )

All ages must meet the following:

  • Resident of Knox County.
  • Diagnosis is manifested prior to age 22.
  • Disability is likely to continue indefinitely.
  • Diagnosis is attributable to a mental or physical impairment or a combination of both and is not caused solely by mental illness.
  • Diagnosis causes the person to need a combination of special services for an extended period of time.

If you are interested in services, please contact:

Intake Department: 740-397-4607,

Please click here for an application for services adobe pdf

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Family Resources

Family Resources (FR), formerly known as Family Support Services or FSS, aids families in meeting the unique needs of an individual with a disability. Families are reimbursed for certain approved expenses necessary to take care of the family member in their home. FR reimburses the costs of temporary care (respite), home modifications, special equipment, special diet, and training or counseling for families. FR is flexible to support families in meeting their unique needs. The amount of the expense that is reimbursed is based on the availability of funds. Families must enroll yearly. An individual does not need to be enrolled with the County Board of Developmental Disabilities to receive FR but they do need to be eligible for services by meeting all eligibility requirements. If you are intrested or have any questions regarding this service, please contact the intake department at 740-397-4656 or email:

Defined as appropriate, short-term, temporary care in or out of the home that is provided to an individual to sustain the family structure or to meet planned or emergency needs of the family.

Counseling, supervision, training and education of the individual, the individual’s caregivers, and members of the individual’s family that aid the family in providing proper care for the individual, provide for the special needs of the family, and assist in all aspects of the individual’s daily living.  Certain therapeutic training/lessons may also be covered.  A prescription and/or a letter of recommendation from a licensed professional must accompany all specialized training and/or lesson requests.

Special diets mean diet or special food items that are prescribed for an individual by a licensed physician or qualified dietician (a person who has successfully completed the requirements for a Bachelor's degree majoring in nutrition or dietetics and has had at least one (1) year of experience as a dietitian).  It may also include specialized supplies and equipment needed to prepare and serve the special diet (i.e. blender).

Special (Adaptive) Equipment are those items necessary to improve or facilitate the care and living environment of the individual.  Special equipment also includes any durable or nondurable equipment or adaptive modification to special equipment that is prescribed by a licensed/qualified professional and which assists the family in maintaining the person at home. Equipment that benefits the entire family, not with a main focus on the individual is prohibited.

Request for adaptive equipment requires other available funding be exhausted (i.e. insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Easter Seal Society, Lions Club, Knox Community Hospital, and Knox County Health Department, etc.) before seeking Family Resources funding.  Family Resources requires two (2) written estimates be submitted along with letters of requests/rejections to be submitted at time of request.  A prescription and/or a letter of recommendation from a licensed professional must accompany all adaptive equipment requests.

A modification to the home means any permanent or temporary adaptation to the residence of the individual, which assists the family in maintaining the person at home.  The Community Services Director (CSD) must assess the need for such modifications in cooperation with professionals who are familiar with the family and its needs.  This includes changes needed in the home or on the family property to make it accessible to the individual receiving services.  Rental properties cannot be modified unless prior written approval from the landlord is submitted.

Requests for home modifications require other available funding be exhausted (i.e. insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Easter Seal Society, Lion Club, Knox Community Hospital, and Knox County Health Department, etc.) before seeking Family Resources funding.  Family Resources requires two (2) written estimates be submitted along with letters of requests/rejections to be submitted at time of request.



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My Plan

The Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities believes in person-centered planning. The person-centered approach creates a team of people who know and care about the individual with a disability, who come together to develop and share a dream for the person's future, and who work together to organize and provide the supports necessary to make that dream a reality. The goal is to organize truly individualized, natural, and creative supports to achieve meaningful goals based on each individual's strengths and preferences. Central to person-centered planning is a circle of friends and supporters, including the person with a disability, family members, friends, peers, teachers, and other service providers. The individual's team meets at least once a year to evaluate progress and to create a plan for the coming year. The Individual Service Plan or ISP (formerly known as the Essential Lifestyle Plan or ELP) is meant to be a unique reflection of each individuals personality, lifestyle goals, needs and progress. The objective of the ISP is:

• Discover what is important to a person in everyday life; and what is
important for a person in order for them to stay healthy and safe
• Describe what you have learned in a way that is easily accessible to those who will help the person get what is important to them.

When goals and areas of need are identified the plan directs services that work towards a fuller and more independent life for each individual. This plan also acts as a "contract" with service providers to provider the services outlined as frequently and for the length of time that the team decides.

Here is a personal workbook that helps you look at your life and plan for many of the questions that the team will address during your team meeting.

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